UNSEE performance_Glasshouse Gallery

UNSEE was performed by HAM & ntilit at The Neo Domestic Performance Art Festival

Unsee is a performance experiment based on the open invitation to the audience to perceive what's known otherwise differently. The adapted methodology is highly connected to the current moment of action and to the current characters involved in-situ. During the duration of the performance an indirect trade of physical objects occurs, which thereafter are converted to wearable sculptures by ntilit and activated in motion by HAM. Testing ground for the audience becomes their capacity to embrace a shift on their visual perception and detachment. By engaging and intriguing notions of what's private and what's shared this performance offers unexpected recognition. The experience of both performer and audience is infinitely unfolding and supersedes the sense of vision within the sphere of senses. HAM (4 dancers) and ntilit (one artist) are on stage to propose, offer, receive, create, find, fumble, state, entangle and unravel what is known and what is unknown. The audience is welcomed to make a choice regarding the degree of their engagement

HAM (high art moment) is a collaboration between Amélie Gaulier-Brody, Dages Juvelier Keates, Rain Saukas and Alexis Steeves