Undomesticated Species, Blindness & Bliss _ Queens Museum

Undomesticated Species, Blindness & Bliss

ntilit (Concept, Art Direction, Wearables Design)

Collaborators: Christine Krishna Washburn (Dance,Choreography), Tamio Shiraishi (Sound Artist), Karla Carballar (Video Artist), Moritz Lehner, Maria Fernandez Pello & Natalia Roumelioti (Dance, Movement) 

'Undomesticated Species, Blindness & Bliss' by ntilit is a film on a performance made based on an act of unsolicited human kindness in interaction with animals found at Newtown Creek. The site has accumulated sediments of industrial development, creating an ecosystem of its own: A swarm of birds, few ducks and some stray cats get fed daily for the last years be a nearby worker. A heartfelt gesture from a single worker to sustain life back at an inhospitable site that is scheduled to be environmentally upgraded through a new filtration plant to clean the Newtown Creek's toxic water. The new development in turn destroys and uproots their nests and habitat to make space for infrastructure. - A vicious circle of good intentions that uproots and recreates chance ecologies. Newtown Creek, as a polluted environment in a state of transition for the better, was a natural habitat for The Mermaid. The first images collected for the film ‎showed The Mermaid washed up on the cracking concrete platform on the edge of the creek, her endless legs drooping down to the water, her lungs learning to process air. This tragically ironic end to a naturally symbiotic relationship is honored by Ntilit: four birds come back to the parking lot to remember their friend and patron, and are fed by the memories of his kindness. These birds in Ntilit include the love birds Papageno and Papagena of Mozart's Magic Flute, a tall, long-limbed headless thalo blue wading bird, and the mysterious egg-man and his black ‎furry face