"YOUR ON A.O.K." a tribute to Forrest Myers’s 1969 Moon Museum at part of ALGORITHMIC LANDSCAPES at Callicoon Art Walk curated by Stephen Zacks / Amplifier. 


'UNSEE' performance with HAM at the Glasshouse during the Neo Domesticity Performance Art Festival

'JANE' site specific installation and performance in collaboration with Christine Krishna Washburn at the Eotechnic Sensorium, Century House Historical Society in Rosendale curated by Jeff Benjamin.



'Bliss Vision' (Performance) by ntilit---> curated by Chance Ecologies presented at the Queens Museum. Credits: ntilit (Concept, Art Direction, Wearables Design), Christine Krishna Washburn (Dance, Choreography), Tamio Shiraishi (Sound Artist), Alicia Chan, Gabriella Garcia, Alex Korotin, Raul Zbengeci (Dance, Movement)

'Undomesticated Species, Blindness & Bliss' (Film Installation) by ntilit --->curated by Chance Ecologies to presented at the Queens Museum. Credits: ntilit (Concept, Art Direction, Wearables Design), Christine Krishna Washburn (Dance,Choreography), Tamio Shiraishi (Sound Artist), Karla Carballar (Video Artist), Moritz Lehner, Maria Fernandez Pello & Natalia Roumelioti (Dance, Movement)

Light is Dark--->curating a group exhibition/event at Immersive Gallery --->dedicated to Christine Krishna Washburn, a radiant professional dancer who lost her vision at the age of 19 & re-learned through a rebirth how to walk and dance again in the dark.

'Oo Oo' (Short Film) by UNTAM (Erin Cairns Cella, Karla Carballar, Joshua Dumas, Dages Juvelier Keates and Ntilit)--->Trans(m)it International Film Festival.

'Here There', 'Here Now'--->mixed media installation & performance--->Tamio Shiraishi in the saxophone--->group exhibition, 'Lot 22' cosmogΩnies in transit at Immersive Gallery.

'Wearable Matters Catalog' ---> curated by ntilit & Netta Sadovsky

'Blind Seeing'--->with Christine Krishna Washburn for the group show WeAr(E) at Chashama curated by  DIAP at One Bryant Park Urban Garden.

Dance without Discrimnation--->Wearables for blind & visually impaired dancers for the 'Motion & Sound Laboratory'  in collaboration with Iris Karayan & Ilan Manouach at Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens.

'M', Insounding with the Inner Voice--->Birth of Coexistence, group exhibition curated by Hara Piperidou --->Hellenic American Union Athens.


"Stills Myth" by ntilit at The Wild Landscape of Hunter’s Point South--->Chance Ecologies--->Radiator Gallery curated by Catherine Grau, Nathan Kensinger, and Stephen Zacks.

ntilit Wearables/Staging MOZART The Magic Flute Opera --->Carlos Federico TagleLisa Nava, Benoit Renard, Michael Wittenburg & cast of Manhattan Opera Studio at Carnegie Hall.
Unwind << ----> with Matīss Šteinerts for the MatiTom Murrin/Luna Macaroona Full Moon Performance Series at LaMama Galleria, Howl Arts Space.         

Curating Wearable Matters with Netta Sadovsky --->21 artists making wearable art showing their work in one evening group exhibition/event, Brooklyn, NY.

The Bishop of Eggs--->a Dada inspired performance by ntilit, with actor and clarinetist player Jason Shelton, singer & poem writer Liana Gabel and actor TJ Ogron at the (Re)Creation, a Dada Benefit hosted  by the Peculiar Works Project.


here --->mixed media installation/sound performance --->participation at cosmogΩnies II, group exhibition curated by Eirini Tsachrelia for Art in Progress, Re-Culture III | RISK . Clarinetist player Fotis Tzanetos.

Born for Nothing --->designer of the wearables for the performance by Lydian Junction at The Watermill Center residency.

Triskelion for the Arts--->handmade wearables for 'untitled development 1' by Kate Lee and Company with Mor Mendel and Ximena Borges on stage.            

Arena ---> hair sculpture & wearables on stage for Yung-Li dance performance---> Summer Street Festival hosted by the NYC department of Transportation.

>i< ---> design and concept for a performance with Yung-Li Dance --->at I-Park Foundation. 

Non Ink II ---> design and concept for a performance with ballet dancer Carolyn Lockhart ---> at the official 2014 BOS Performance Art Showcase.

Non Ink I ---> design and concept for a performance with ballet dancer Carolyn Lockhart ---> at Bowery Electric NY, in support of Pavees Dance Record Release "There is always the night" with Malcolm Mooney.

SLOW-LALIA performance ---> at the Last Brucennial exhibition space presented by Vito Schnabel  & The Bruce High Quality Foundation.

$$$$ attire for a performance with Gerry Visco ---> at REVERSE gallery to an event in support of John Moran's newest work in progress 'THAILAND'.

M's Silent & Talkative Tongues --->presented by Vito Schnabel  & The Bruce High Quality Foundation at the last Brucennial from March 7th through April 4th.

n tilit ---> is hosted at Animamus Art Salon on Sunday February 2nd, at Molasses Books in Brooklyn, NY.


Un-Dressing --->a site specific mixed media/sound installation at the public restrooms of the old Public Museum in Grand Rapids, MI, in collaboration with David Rothenberg---> curated by SiTE:LAB, during Artprize 2013, THE NOT YET.

M's Silent and Talkative Tongues ---> a mixed media wearable sculpture --->comissioned by Malcolm Mooney --->photographed by Sigrid Rothe in NY.

n tilit print --->Participation at the Exhibition 100 NYC Artists, Pop Up Art, Barranquilla, Colombia.


Mooney Crown ---> a mixed media head wearable sculpture, commisioned by Malcolm Mooney for his performance at MoMA PS1′s Performance Dome.


Solar System ---> NYC Fall Fashion Week Show.


n tilit ---> Rabbit Hole Art Gallery, NY invited by curator & artist Merav Ezer.