Epidermis with Katarina Poliacikova / Embros Theater

Have you ever seen the skin of yours or of somebody else from a distance shorter than the length of your palm? If you try, you will probably fail, as is getting impossible to really see it with a naked eye in such a close distance. Our sight doesn’t allow us to inspect the very surface of our own body. Paradoxically, the closer we try to look, the less we are able to see. We can expose our epidermis to the lens of a camera. It’s a fascinating view; suddenly we are able to see every tiny hair and pore in an infinite landscape. But, what do we really perceive through this detached perspective? Here comes another paradox: the more details we are able to see, the less we differ from the person next to us. The body's boundary, signified by the skin, disappears.

ntilit with Katarina Poliacikova, March 2014