ntilit was founded in 2010 by Natalia Roumelioti and is a project based design studio dedicated to the creation of wearable sculptures and mixed media installations while aiming to untackle constructed norms around preconceptions of body and space interelation.

ntilit's mission is to create versatile sculptures with a potential of a performative experience which invites the public to uncover concealed aspects of perception that lead to catharsis. The metaphor throughout the work is the transformation of preconceived ways of perception into anew. The invisible may become visible after a timeless gaze or when ready for a shift in your perception. 

ntilit's exploration of different materials and techniques is constantly evolving, while challenging preconceived ideas of body to space interaction. The old and the new in conjunction with the handcrafted and the high‐tech fabricated add to the potential of a new type of design: a design that intends to be celebrating the ritual of the senses along with the experience of slowing down during that interaction. Each sculpture is unique and crafted as a one‐off design for a specific context and are brought into existence through human acts, such as dance, speech and song.